Laughlin Breakfast Specials

Laughlin Breakfast Specials

How to Eat Cheaply in Laughlin

Laughlin Breakfast Specials: Some believe that Laughlin, Nevada, is similar to the original Las Vegas, with inexpensive accommodation and food. 

The hotels aren’t too expensive. Food? The food? Not so much. Breakfast for 99 cents is no more available. The same is true for that $1.50 hot dog that comes with soda or beer. But there are numerous ways to cut costs on food as we discovered during our stay of six weeks in the region.

The initial plan was to spend the night across the river from Bullhead City, Arizona, in a studio apartment that was furnished complete with kitchen facilities. 

It didn’t go as well for us the way we were planned, and after two weeks, we relocated to the hotels at the casino in Laughlin. The move has put a dent in our food budget However, here are some strategies we used to keep the food expenses at a low level.

Laughlin Breakfast Specials

Grocery stores

The problem was that none of the accommodations we stayed at included a fridge or microwave however, we did pick the yogurt, bottled water, fresh fruits, and snacks from the supermarket and used the collapsible soft-sided cooler that I packed. We discovered that we could survive on just two meals per day if we added these items. We would also buy ready salads and sandwiches from delis.

Casino players clubs

We joined reward clubs at nine casinos along the strip, plus the casino that’s about 20 minutes from the strip. It is a good idea to join these clubs even if you do not bet since they usually provide new benefits to members. Here are some benefits for new members: benefits we’ve taken advantage of:

  • In Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort we each received a coupon of 2-for-1 for the buffet. We used it to purchase the more costly Friday seafood menu.
  • Also, we received coupon codes that offer 10 percent off at a burger restaurant and a complimentary soft drink or beer with the purchase of 1 1/4 2 lb. hot dog. Even though we didn’t use coupons for hot dogs, we saved them as a backup. Additionally, we were informed that we could present our card at any time at the desk of the club and obtain more coupons.
  • In the Aquarius Casino Resort, we were given coupons for 25% off on The Windows on the River Buffet and two-for-one coupons for a glass of wine or coffee beverage at Duet.


  • Present your credit card at any of the buffets in casinos and you’ll receive an additional 10% discount.
  • Earn points by playing at the sister hotel Edgewater or Colorado Belle to your dinner at Edgewater’s Grand Buffet, or any other restaurants within the casinos. The points we earned never added up to anything because we restricted our gaming to a few dollars per day. We did not stay in one place for long. However, even the slightest discount is much appreciated.

Laughlin casino package deals

Join the casino to receive email notifications. They usually offer attractive package deals on rooms and meals. In one casino, the package cost $56 included a two-night stay with two buffet dinners and two breakfast buffets as well as a variety of coupons for coffee. We placed one package in my name and the other in my husband’s name to receive more benefits.

Specials on meals

We discovered which restaurants offer discounts on specific dates of the week. Daniel’s Restaurant located on the River is located inside the tiny Regency Casino, offers various promotions on various dates. We have taken advantage of the Wednesday burger at half price special several times. To reduce their costs you must also buy a drink to enjoy the burger at half price. (Tip for Daniel’s: The drink at Daniel’s can be very hard and tastes bad and tastes bad, so avoid the iced tea, and go for the soda or beer.) Daniel’s also offers a reduced daily breakfast.

It is located at the Avi Resort and Casino, just 20 minutes away far from Las Vegas, which gives the 2-for-1 deal (or half-price for those dining by yourself) for the Native Harvest Buffet on Thursdays if you show your card at the counter. We took advantage of this deal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (never more than once on one day). We were particularly impressed by the bananas foster/flambe bars at our dinner buffet.

In Bullhead City, D’Angelo’s Italian Restaurant serves a spaghetti dinner that includes salad and soup, on Sundays and Wednesdays, for $7.99. The restaurant also served one of the few pizzas we loved in the region. (Being familiar with great pizza in Chicago and Chicago, we’re admitted, pizza lovers.)

Early bird discounts and discounts for seniors

A few of the chain restaurants within the Laughlin casinos have happy hour or early bird deals. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. in the Golden Nugget offers early bird pricing Monday through Friday between 1 p.m. until 5 p.m.

The benefit of aging is discounted for seniors. Even though we’re not yet eligible all over the world (age for “senior” varies from place to place) however, we had the age to be able to take advantage of discounts in every Laughlin or Bullhead City restaurant. It was a case that no one was able to question the validity of.

Fast Food and Chains

Our standard rule of thumb when traveling is to stay clear of fast-food restaurants or chains which we can access in our home. However, as our trip was 2 months in length and we ate every meal at a restaurant and about, we decided to relax our guidelines. The casino was a Denny’s. We have never eaten at Denny’s when we are at home, but they did have the most affordable breakfast and I must admit that it was delicious.

Complete the surveys

The two Denny’s, as well as McDonald’s (yes we’ve eaten there at least once as well), have websites or phone numbers that you can call to conduct a survey on your experience. Complete the survey and you’ll receive a coupon to save money on your next visit to Denny’s, or at McDonald’s and McDonald’s, you can get a 2 for 1 egg McMuffin, or a Quarter Pounder when you return.

Enjoy a meal together

Restaurants typically serve large portions, far more than what we can consume. Because we didn’t have a method to heat food in the microwave so we’d often share meals, and perhaps get an additional side.


In the final analysis, we spent more money on food and were less healthily than if been able to use the kitchen facilities during our 6-week time in Laughlin. But even so, we could have eaten out on occasion when we went on excursions or needed to take a break from cooking. And we made up for more unhealthy meals by getting the recommended amount of vegetables and fruits when we dined at buffets.

Hotels: We have stayed in various hotels with casinos in Laughlin. Find hotel rates here.

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